The core company in this cluster is Pfizer, Inc., with facilities in Groton. Pfizer employs approximately 3,000 people directly with around 3,500 contract employees as of January 2014.


The two major hospitals in the area, New London's Lawrence & Memorial, and Norwich's William W. Backus, have over 4,000 employees.  Both hospitals are highly regarded in the State for their excellent health care and extended out-patient facilities, serving residents all across the region and into Rhode Island.


In 2013 L&M Hospital expanded by purchase of the Westerly Hospital in nearby Westerly RI, and opened in Waterford a new Cancer Center in partnership with Boston's Dana Farber Cancer Center.  WW Backus Hospital has also affiliated with Hartford Hospital to better serve patients in the region.


Other healthcare and medical device manufacturers, researchers  and providers in the area include Sheffield Pharmaceuticals, CarwildDeKalb Genetics, and Medtronic Merocel.


In 2012 a group of the region's leading scientists and entrepreneurs formed the Southeastern CT Entrepreneurs Network to foster cooperation within the Bio and Life Sciences and Technology.  SECTen meets frequently, advocates for a robust Bio-Science Cluster, and offers a schedule of programs of interest to members and others in the Science and Technology industries. 


Companies investing in cutting edge medical research include Amarin, MyometricsLife Pharms and more.




March 2014:  State of CT Approves Funding to Acquire Pfizer Buildings for Bio-Science Cluster.  READ


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July 2013: Backus Hospital Joins Hartford Hospital Network.  READ.