The two cornerstone elements of southeastern Connecticut’s Defense Cluster, the US NAval Submarine Base in Groton, and General Dynamics / Electric Boat contribute more than half of the 33,000 defense jobs in Southeastern CT.  Other major employers are the Theater Aviation Sustainment Maintenance Group (TASMG) in Groton - an arm of the CT National Guard -  and the US Coast Guard Academy and Coast Guard R&D Centers in New London.  Defense represents over $3.3 Billion annually in economic impact in Southeastern CT.  



In addition to these employers, there are numerous medium and small sized firms that provide subcontracting both locally and in the neighboring state of Rhode Island.   These include:



There is measurable  overlap between this cluster and the Maritime Cluster in such areas as shipbuidling, manufacturing, training, and engineering services.  Not to be overlooked in this cluster is the significant presence of Homeland Security facilities at both the Coast Guard Academy and Coast Guard R&D Center.